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Coal Oil Point Reserve: Snowy Plover Program

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Let’s Save Snowy Plovers Together

Please support our efforts to protect and conserve the Western Snowy Plover at Coal Oil Point Reserve!

Coal Oil Point Reserve and the Santa Barbara Zoo are partnering to rescue Western Snowy Plover eggs that have been abandoned due to high surf or wind as part of the Reserve’s Snowy Plover Conservation Program. We work together to incubate and hatch the eggs, and rear Western Snowy Plover chicks, which are released back into the wild when they are old enough to fly. Last breeding season, we were able to hatch and raise twelve abandoned chicks. These chicks joined 23 additional plovers that successfully fledged in the wild at the Reserve. 

This spring, the Reserve continues to play a critical role in the conservation of the Western Snowy Plover. Our devoted staff continues to protect these little birds by monitoring the beach, collecting abandoned eggs, observing chicks and recording their growth, mending fences, protecting nests with enclosures that safeguard the plovers from predator threats such as crows or skunks, and installing signs to educate visitors about the Snowy Plovers. Dedicated docents volunteer at the beach to provide additional support for the plovers and visitors year-round. However, our love for these rugged little survivors isn’t enough; we need supplies (nest enclosures, educational signage, fencing materials) and docent support to get us through the plover breeding season, which lasts from March through September. Protecting Snowy Plovers is just one of the many significant roles that the Reserve plays in our community. Please help us by supporting our Snowy Plover conservation efforts today!


Choose a giving level


Plover Nest Protection

Your gift of $25 will provide support for 1 Plover Nest Protection (35 nest enclosures needed)


Educational Signage

Your gift of $50 will provide educational signage to protect the Western Snowy Plovers ($50 per sign,10 signs needed)


Sponsor a Volunteer Docent

Your gift of $75 will sponsor a Volunteer Plover Docent (includes vests, binoculars, clipboards; 10 docent sponsorships needed)


Protective Fencing

Your gift of $100 will support 100 meters of protective fencing (1,000 meters needed of total fencing)


Plover Egg Rescue

Your gift of $250 supports plover egg rescue (includes staff time to conduct nest monitoring, egg collection, and incubation of 1 egg)


Plover Chick Healthcare

Your gift of $500 will support the healthcare and veterinarian expenses of 1 rescued plover chick