Support the UCSB Gaucho Game Lab!

The UCSB Gaucho Game Lab is the premier video game development program at UC Santa Barbara (UCSB). It’s directed by Professor Pradeep Sen (Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering), a Ph.D. graduate from Stanford University who is an expert on computer graphics and video game technology.

In this program, students take a series of courses to learn the video game development process, with the goal of releasing actual video games to the public. However, developing high-quality video games is incredibly expensive, often costing several thousands of dollars per game. After all, games require hundreds of digital art assets: from 3D models, to images, to animations, to background scene elements, to sound effects and background music, most of which must be purchased. We also need software licenses and computers, and there are costs associated with releasing and marketing our games online.

It would be difficult – if not impossible – for the typical undergraduate student to produce games of the quality we’re making in the UCSB Gaucho Game Lab without the lab’s funds and strong faculty involvement. But we also cannot do this without your help and financial support! Your tax-free donation to the UCSB Gaucho Game Lab will help our students build better games by giving them bigger budgets and more flexibility. You’ll also help introduce UCSB to a large, worldwide audience that could be learning about our great institution for the first time by playing our games. Finally, you’ll also support the lab’s active research program into graphics and game technology, which will lay the foundation for next-generation gaming for years to come.

So, whether you have friends/family members who love video games, or are a gamer yourself, here’s your chance to support the development of exciting new video games that you’ll actually be able to play – all while helping us train and educate the next generation of software engineers right here at UCSB!

Please donate to the UCSB Gaucho Game Lab today! Thank you for your support!